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Published by: Glen Brink 11-Feb-19
My Daily Work Schedule

How to Build a Lifetime Career on the Internet


If you have very little time you can:

  1. buy Paid Advertising to a GOOD LANDING PAGE.
  2. Tell everyone you can about what you are doing.
  3. set your goals and track your results.
  4. Increase your results to meet your goals.

If you have very little money you can:

  1. do Free Advertising
  2. Track your results to learn what is working for you.
  3. Learn to advertise in every possible way.
  4. Re-invest your earnings in Paid Advertising -- based on what is working for you.


Either way, you need to teach about Free Advertising.
You will find more people willing to begin investing their time than their money.
But when you get them results, they will Go For It.

I have 3 work plans for you to choose from...
all 3 plans will work --
and your results will improve as you learn from them.
(call or email me for more details) 

  • the   5 minutes a day plan - (  5 minutes or less as many days as you can)
  • the 15 minutes a day plan - (15 minutes or more every day)
  • the  Go For It  plan.              - (doing as much as you can)


My daily schedule varies with ads that are posted
monthly, weekly, every 3 days, every 2 days,
daily, and a few even more than once a day.

So I keep my Daily To Do list in my Bookmarked browser folders.
I keep my login details on my browser and/or roboform. 

I learned all this from the Live trainers now on my own site:   WorldProfitUniversity
scroll down and sign up free to get our list of  the 20 best  FREE places to advertise.

Your first paid advertising should be with safe-swaps.


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Glen Brink
glenabrink (at) gmail.com


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