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Published by: Glen Brink 22-Jan-18
The Reasons I Love American Dream Nutrition (ADN)!

The Reasons I Love American Dream Nutrition (ADN)!

Just in case you don't keep up with Consumer Trends...

There's a massive wave of consumer purchases coming
into the Health and Wellness and Anti-Aging Industry.

Industry experts predict our industry will grow from $80 Billion Dollars in Sales to $114 Billion Dollars in the next
year or so...

10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every single day.

They ALL want to feel and look younger and so do the
30's, 40's and 50 year olds...Check out the NEWEST updates on the most POWERFUL Marketing

website in the planet: https://www.paying4you.com

The Top 15 Reasons I Joined Our Company:

# 1. Our products are Innovative, Category Creator, Unique and SO Affordable

# 2. The company recognize consumer mega-trends and stay ahead of them

# 2. They have a FULL LINE of products that are cutting edge, powerful and effective

# 3. Our Clinical Studies and Trials Results are documented and extensive (Hundreds & Hundreds)

# 4. Our products are patented and trademarked

# 5. They have a CRAZY GENEROUS Pay Plan (No other Comp. Plan compares)

# 6. My results and others were visible and was noticeable by friends & co-workers

# 7. Our formulations & manufacturing meet the highest strict U.S. standards

# 8. Our Leadership is forward thinking and problem solving

# 9. We're poised for MASSIVE Growth in the Health and Wellness Anti-Aging Industry, (First mover advantage)

# 10. You can start part-time and build into full-time or start right away

# 11. Our "Pay It Forward" Program is Perfect for those on a tight budget!

# 12. We have dynamic compression, there is NO blockage & No Cycling!

# 13. You can get paid TWICE A WEEK with us... WOW

# 14. I love our MONTHLY Residuals

# 15. We will pay to help start your prospects into A.D.N. business and theirs too!

Make sure to check out our AWESOME Pay Plan: https://www.paying4you.com/the-compensation

"...the Compensation Plan is the best in the industry!"

It's wonderful to have products that work -

But, I love getting paid helping others feel better and get healthier!

Life does not get any better when you can provide the American Dream, Health & Wealth!!!!!

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