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Published by: Glen Brink 23-Jan-19
Miracle 1 Click Software

Myths About Making Money Online

Stop Being On The Wrong Side Of The Window

(Quiz yourself - true or false?)


#4: Miracle 1 Click Software

So there you are searching for ways to make money online and BAM, you click an advertisement and this video starts playing. This guy starts showing off some new 'software' he and his team created, it does this and that plus this and that and LOOK, I make thousands of dollars per day just clicking this button and letting this miracle software do all the work. Then he shows you screen shots of his bank account, then he shows you pictures of his giant house, his Hummer truck and his beautiful girlfriends. All this is going to be yours for a one time payment of only $99.00!...

Ok, RED FLAG. With 1 push of a button on this miracle software I can make thousands of dollars per day then why did you take the time to put this video together when you could have just pushed the button again. Better yet, why don't you hire people at $99.00 dollars a day to push the button for you? Oh that's right, because it doesn't work and your bank account is only loaded with sales from this phony software, ahhh, I get it. Oh and I should also mention that digital products sold on the Internet are almost NEVER refunded, so once you buy something like this you're stuck with it -- unless it came from a big company with more to lose than your one time sale.

Any digital product that works will be given away FREE or with a free trial period, they will also include upgrade options. You try it, determine that it works with the trial, then you pay the guy to unlock the rest of the features or to just keep it running for you. Bill Gates doesn't flash his bank account or pictures of his mansion, cars or girlfriends when he tries to sell you software, so why do these people? If there really was a Miracle 1 click software don't you think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or a Forbes top 10 Tech God would have made it by now? Exactly, Miracle 1 click software is otherwise known as a lemon.



did you miss this one?  Just check your ads.

Read 'em and weep. 

Don't ignore the truth behind these myths.


Now the real kicker to watch out for is 'do you get paid directly or not', if not there is a HIGH chance the admin will peace out with your money because there is usually a reason you don't pay each other directly... Don't get me wrong there ARE lots of good admins who run these programs so I'm not pointing any fingers or bashing. A good admin is the guy who launches the program, pays everyone he is supposed to, makes a few dollars for himself and then opens a new site when he sees that his client pool has dried up.

And some food for thought, if you know a good admin who runs these types of programs on a regular basis, slip him $20 bucks and tell him to tell you the instant he reveals his next project because as you know whomever gets in first makes all the money :- )

 curated by Glen Brink, askgb.com from Frederick Spears, TheViralFranchise



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Glen Brink, WorldProfitUniversity.com

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