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Published by: Glen Brink 23-Jan-19
The Money Is In The List

Myths About Making Money Online

Stop Being On The Wrong Side Of The Window

(Quiz yourself - true or false?)


#1: The Money Is In The List

All you hear these days is how the only way to make money online is to get a list, "the money is in the list". They say that if you want to make money you gotta get a great big list together or you will fail! This is why every website you visit, splash page you see, or video advertisement tells you to input your best email and they will ... let you in on a little secret that only they know.

Truth is, they don't know crap if they have to con you into giving them your email AND they will also attempt to exploit you down the road if you give it to them.

If you don't know by now why getting your email is so important and why every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to get it from you then here it is, its so they can spam you with advertisements and affiliate links in order to make money off you. NO emails means NO sales so they are doing everything in their power 'besides creating a good product or service' to get your email.

Haven't you noticed that after giving your real email up you end up spam blocking this person right away or immediately after their first junk mail. Yeah, lots of money in that list eh?

However it is 'true' in a sense but NOT how they make it out to be.

In order to get a 'true list' you need to offer a legitimate product or service FIRST, if you can provide people with something legitimate they will be anxious to get your advertisements and affiliate links because you gave them something good the first time, they trust you to do the same again especially if you want more money. If any website, splash page or video ad says they have a secret you can have only after you input your email, the only thing they have is high hopes.

If you are attempting to make money in this fashion always offer your product first and give the option to opt in to your email list, you will make a lot more money off 1 true opt in than 1000 cons.


did you miss this one?  Just check your ads.

Read 'em and weep. 

Don't ignore the truth behind these myths.


Now the real kicker to watch out for is 'do you get paid directly or not', if not there is a HIGH chance the admin will peace out with your money because there is usually a reason you don't pay each other directly... Don't get me wrong there ARE lots of good admins who run these programs so I'm not pointing any fingers or bashing. A good admin is the guy who launches the program, pays everyone he is supposed to, makes a few dollars for himself and then opens a new site when he sees that his client pool has dried up.

And some food for thought, if you know a good admin who runs these types of programs on a regular basis, slip him $20 bucks and tell him to tell you the instant he reveals his next project because as you know whomever gets in first makes all the money :- )

 curated by Glen Brink, askgb.com from Frederick Spears, TheViralFranchise



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