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Published by: Glen Brink 23-Jan-19
Traffic - Free Information You NEED To Know

Myths About Making Money Online

Stop Being On The Wrong Side Of The Window

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#9: Traffic - Free Information You NEED To Know

One thing you can't get away from when trying to run a website, open a business or promote a referral link is everybody telling you that you will fail because you don't have any traffic. So they will be your knight in shining armor by bringing you this traffic pot of gold and make all your dreams come true. I say phooey, shame on them for convincing so many people to buy into that business.

You do NOT need traffic to have a successful website, you need 'sales' that come from leads.

Now it's possible to get a lead from mass amounts of traffic, but trying to get sales this way will put you straight into the poor house. The amount of money that some businesses charge AND the amount that people are willing to pay time and time again is just plain insane. You can purchase a traffic package of 10,000 and pay as much as $50 dollars and if you get just one single lead out of that then you got real lucky, one thing you can bank on is that there is more money in selling the traffic than receiving it.

You only need to know where to get leads and you get them from quality PPC campaigns, for as little as .01 cent 'depending on the company', you can show a targeted advertisement to somebody who is surfing the net based on what website he/she is visiting. If they click your ad they are a lead and are interested in what you are selling, it's now up to your website to close the deal OR bring them back another day to close it. That .01 cent PPC advertisement is worth MORE to your business than the $50 dollar traffic deal, this is why so many people go broke promoting their new websites and businesses. They are told to get traffic or they will fail, they end up going straight to the poor house and lose their business all because they are doing what the 'traffic experts' tell them.

So for anyone starting or running a business save yourself the money especially if your on a tight budget, 1 visitor per day from a PPC campaign will be alot more benificial than purchasing 10,000 hits per day, it doesn't look as nice on the website stats BUT it will look better in the bank account.




did you miss this one?  Just check your ads.

Read 'em and weep. 

Don't ignore the truth behind these myths.


Now the real kicker to watch out for is 'do you get paid directly or not', if not there is a HIGH chance the admin will peace out with your money because there is usually a reason you don't pay each other directly... Don't get me wrong there ARE lots of good admins who run these programs so I'm not pointing any fingers or bashing. A good admin is the guy who launches the program, pays everyone he is supposed to, makes a few dollars for himself and then opens a new site when he sees that his client pool has dried up.

And some food for thought, if you know a good admin who runs these types of programs on a regular basis, slip him $20 bucks and tell him to tell you the instant he reveals his next project because as you know whomever gets in first makes all the money :- )

 curated by Glen Brink, askgb.com from Frederick Spears, TheViralFranchise



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