Earn over $100 daily exchanging cryptocurrencies


Get Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum(ETH) wallets. I use blockchain.com; but any wallet will do.

Keep at least $50 in Bitcoin (~ 0.0143 BTC) in your wallet.

I buy/sell from Coinbase.com – (you get free $5 in Bitcoin for joining)


1) Exchange 0.0143 BTC to ETH with coinindustry.top or qqchanger.com or dhchanger.com or antminer.bid or investora.co or coingift.top or dhchanger.com or exbitco.pw

Exch rate 0.0143 BTC - 0.6801 ETH       

How to instructions: 

           a. Fill out the form and click "Exchange."

           b. Use the BTC address to send your BTC to be exchanged.

           c. You get Ethereum when confirmed by BTC network -- in about 30 minutes.


2) Then exchange ETH back to BTC with  en.changelly.com or alfacashier.com

Exch rate 0.6801 ETH - 0.0178 BTC


Your profit is 0.0035 BTC ( more than 10$) for each exchange cycle!

Repeat the cycle ten times for more than $100!

(If you exchange a larger amount or do more cycles then your profit is higher.)


Links on this page are affiliate links; I am a registered affiliate for commissions.  Use my affiliate links above to join, and then use your own to invite others!  Exch Rates can change every day.  Watch and earn when it's profitable (most of the time!)


e-mail me at  glenbrink@yahoo.com checkout: MyBitcoinBlog.