Bitcoin IRA Soars 123% Since Last Year, Driving Americans to Open Bitcoin IRAs in Record Numbers, according to Retirement Survival Strategies – February 2017.

Before you invest your hard-earned retirement anywhere -- read this first because tax free trading is now available.

If your retirement savings are tied up in traditional IRA and 401k accounts, then we have news for you, there’s a little-known asset class that gives you more control over your money, and lets you invest for retirement in one of the fastest-growing investments on the market.

It’s called Bitcoin. It’s digital currency that offers privacy and security, and it’s now available for individual retirement accounts (IRAs) with a direct ownership in real bitcoin.

“Bitcoin IRA’s timing couldn’t be better.” – The Wall Street Journal, 1/13/2017
“Bitcoin is a red-hot asset” – Barrons, 1/18/2017

BitcoinIRA gives you the freedom to invest in real bitcoins, privately and securely. You’re given total control over the account, and your bitcoins are kept safe in a secure digital wallet. You also get anonymity. Plus, setting up your IRA is easy, simple, and fast.

Bitcoin has shown explosive growth, consider this - a $20,000 investment in Bitcoin in 2013 would be worth nearly $1.3 Million today! And unlike the dollar and other paper assets, bitcoin can’t be devalued by governments or central banks.

“Virtually all investors who have retirement accounts should take a look at bitcoin in an IRA.” – Edmund C. Moy, Former Director of the U.S. Mint

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PS:  Now you can also enjoy Tax Free Bitcoin Trading between USD$ and several (Altcoin) cryptocurrencies.


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