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Glen Brink
I'm into personal growth, mlm, scifi, and Texas Holdem. This lens is an introduction to my world for people of like mind and folks with future interests. Writer's have called me "the Renaissance man" with many interests. I mostly enjoy helping others...
Dahl Hoffman
Dahl is a chocoholic and my hero.
Paul Twitchell
Eckankars is a new Amazon webpage with the latest on Paul's spiritual path he named Eckankar.
Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer is the finder of the Avatar Course

Freebie Force
Welcome to the one place on the internet where you can get FREE products of high value and make HUGE money doing it! Freebie Force is International! We have free items in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and SO much more. For more information on th...
direct mail
Direct Mail is an honest advertising method for your home based business. I've been making a living full time with my home based Direct Mail business for 25 years and I love the time freedom and the responsibility of being self-employed and helping...
Video Phones
Video Phone is a new dramatic product an honest new home based internet business. Our Team has an exceptional FREE web based business for you.

Special Interests
Jesus Christ
Everything is up to you
The Man Rules Video Showcase
Did you tease anyone to death like I did her? This is my sister and her husband. They have a big family with great grandkids now. She tells everyone how she got so much stronger and better as a person, a wife and a mother because I teased her so at e...
spiritual reality
Fact vrs fiction. 50 years ago at the Boulder municipal swimming pool a man asked me if I had taken a roll of dimes out of his clothing basket. As I returned it to him without even speaking, he told me I could have it if I needed it. I have always a...
spiritual fiction
The Science Fiction genre is turning into Soap Opera and Horror. Next on the scene is Spifi or Spiritual Fiction. It provides the next step to the original intent of stretching your imagination. Try it -- I really like it.


better brain health
for nutrition that's true and it's proven. Want the Truth? Test Your Brain Now. Listen to the Audio: Brain Health Story audio conference. You can: Order Online Now. Or you can fax to me at 303-449-8780 Or call me from my blog: from my blog site....
BriteAge is a product and relationship-driven company devoted to brain health and dedicated to providing the highest quality clinically proven products. We extend to you an opportunity to build a successful home-based business as you share the BriteA...
Stem Cell Health
I hope to find out everything you wanted to know about stem cell health. It's helping me and my best friends as we grow older. Watch the Stem Plex video. For my blog see stemcellrejuvinate.
S implexity
Simplex ity is an honest home based business with bluegreen algae and stemcell health products. The Secret to Sustainable Health. The Secret to Sustainable Income.
MXI Healthy Chocolate
MXI is an honest home based business with Healthy Chocolate Xocai -- ("chocolate acai"). Xocai is a really amazing business opportunity. Product Scan Online (a trend-tracking organization regularly quoted on CNN, Wall Street Journal, etc.) recently...

Tri Vita
Tri Vita is an honest home based business that can provide customers looking for you.
health products
RBC health products is an honest home based business with high quality health products.
RBC is an honest home based internet business with high quality health products.
Is there a Cure All?
Yes there is!  But, many don't want you to know it!

Personal Growth and Development
avatar course
Avatar. Do yourself a big favor -- Take the Course.

Fun Pages
Lucy, the daughter of the Devil
The show follows the eponymous 21 year old Lucy, who lives in San Francisco and has been tapped by her father to fulfill her destiny as the Antichrist, whether she likes it or not. Along the way she meets up with a DJ-Jesus-who turns out to be the...
Once upon a time ... IT ALL BEGINS IN the year 2003, Professor Tenna creates a robot to replace his late son, Toio, hoping that their family life would resume as normal. However, the substitution does not live like any ordinary child (since he is a...
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