Easy Bitcoin Mining - 3 Good Mining Sites



Site #1 CEX.IO 


1.  Sign Up Here - https://cex.io/r/0/infobba/0/

2. Add Funds To Your Account.

3. Buy Ghashs - Use the Instant Buy and Sell Option on the Trading page, It is quick and easy. 

    There is no set amount to buy, So you can start off with a small amount and work your way up,

    Or you can buy a big amount. I started at 1.0 and now I'm at 3.5 and plan buying more in the future. 

4. As soon as you receive Ghashs on your account, you will start generating income and earning rewards
    as blocks are being created. No additional setup is required. The mining process can be monitored

    by clicking on GHash.IO tab on the home page, As long as you have Ghashs on your account you well

    keep earning, Even if you are logged out of CEX.IO  
    Note the more Ghashs you have the higher the payouts you will receive. 

5. You have the option to sell your Ghashs at any time. 

6. When mining Bitcoins at CEX.IO you also are mining 3 other coins at the same time, They are NMC,
    IXC, and DVC - Tip use the NMC coins that you mined to buy more Ghashs you will see a tab on the
    home page named GHS/NMC - there is no set amount so what ever coins you have you can use.

    Tip - you can also sell the IXC coins for Bitcoins you will see a tab on the home page named IXC/BTC -

    there is no set amount so what ever coins you have you can sell. 

7. CEX.IO has other pools too, So you can mine other coins if you like, There is a Lite coin pool,
    Doge coin pool, and other pools. Not sure how these other pools work, I think you have to fund

    them with the coins you want to mine. 

8. If you need any help or more information on CEX.IO you can look for videos on youtube. There is
    also a FAQ tab on the home page and mining page or try the chat box other members might be able
    to help you. 


Site #2 Scrypt CC


1.  Sign Up Here - http://scrypt.cc?ref=baenu


2. Add Funds To Your Account.


3. Click the Trade tab, Buy KHS that are available in the sell orders.

    Note this site uses KHS and not GHS like the above site.

4. After the KHS are credited to your account you will start earning mining rewards every 10 minutes. 


5. You can sell your KHS at any time. 


6. As long as you have KHS on your account you will keep earning rewards. You don't need to be logged in all the time.

   Note the more KHS you have the higher the rewards. 


Site #3 Eobot


1.  Sign Up Here - https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=58874


2. Download the mining software, Its uses your computers CPU or GPU to mine.


3. If you don't want to use the software, Just buy GHS or KHS and start mining instantly. 


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