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Video Is the Wave of the Future!
(even Donald Trump says so)


I'm very impressed with two ways of capitalizing on this new Marketing Wave!
here's why:

Networking by the numbers:

(  1) There are over 67 million distributors in Networking companies in the world
(  2) The industry grows by 11 million people a year
(  3) 77% of the yearly growth is done by face to face marketing!!!
(  4) 11% is done over the internet
(  5) 103 billion dollars in revenue for the year
(  6) 38 billion dollars was paid in commissions
(  7) Of the 67 Million people worldwide 87% fail in there company
(  8) 84.9% of those people invested less than 6 hours of time (per year) working there business!!!
(  9) 13% of 67 million are successful
(10) 12 of that 13% made at least $100,000 profit last year
(11) 12.7 of 13% invested at least 7 hours a week to there business
(12) 7 of the 13% built there business to at least $100,000 in less than 18 months!!!

Play with those numbers! -- We are on our way!!!


"we are on our way"
TelePhone Access Live Video gives you a "face to face" Advantage, PLUS the Internet Benefits.

Networking is the only business that automatically delegates your work for you.

The only business where you choose your own schedule & level of commitment.




Plus, You can also benefit from my two ways of capitalizing on the Wave of the Future:

Live Internet websites:

World Profit provides the only 100% live website.  
You can have a site like mine:  SharingProfitStrategies.com
Where our 75 Live Professional Monitors will help your customers 24/7, 365 days a year.
And you may choose to chat or speak with any of your website visitors too.

We have the free traffic you need.
We have the free resources to Create Traffic to your website.
We have the "continuous training" to increase your business.

Become a Free Associate with Sharing Profit Strategies Today: Click Here!





Don't miss out.  Get in touch with me Today!


Take Care,

(303) 442-6460







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